The New World Order – PAGEO conference on 29 November, Budapest

21st century brings us to a new geopolitical reality: the unipolar world, created in the last decades, and dominated by the United States on every global level is questioned by different actors. However, since that time new global powers have emerged – or returned to the global politics. Rapidly developing China and India, the ASEAN bloc, Russia, emerging from the ground after the great collapse, and Brazil – all of them would like to get a slice of the cake, would like to get a share from the power games. Most of them question the existing international structures, which are either dominated by the United States, or don’t provide real decision-making power for these new emerging powers.

The conference will try to find answers to the following questions: can we still speak about a unipolar world? May we see the return of the bipolar world (with new setup), or are we experiencing the creation of a multipolar world? Will the emerging powers accept the existing structures, or is the complete reform of the system inevitable?

We are focusing on the following topics:

1. Role of the international institutions
2. China and the rise of Asia.
3. Role of the European Union in the changing world order

The official program can be found here:

The conference is free, but subject to registration on

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