Hungarian Geopolitics (HUG)

Launched in March 2016, HUG (Hungarian Geopolitics) magazine is a journal dealing with geopolitical and geostrategic topics in a unique way in Hungary. Pallas Athéné Geopolitical Foundation (PAGEO) publishes HUG magazine in order to start a value-creating dialogue focusing on the all-embracing geopolitical, geostrategic and geo-economic networks of today. Our authors include international experts, world-famous professors and representatives of the new researching generation and have assumed to collect and present the information crumbs which are scattered all around the world but belong together.

HUG builds on value-based thoughts and attitudes, aiming to discover synergies between large geographical units, demonstrate the interactions of the thousands of invisible relations between certain regions, and publish general overview articles.

Issue №1 of HUG discusses the new geopolitical, geostrategic and geo-economic trends of the 21st century, deals with the questions of the map visualisation of our multipolar world order and pays special attention to the spreading of the geopolitical attitude.

Issue №2 of HUG investigates topics like the discovery of creativity, knowledge and technology as well as the transformation of education, and it seeks the answer to the question what challenges the school of the future has to face.

Issue №3 of HUG focuses on the New Silk Road, the large-scale vision of the Chinese foreign policy. It presents the developmental process of the ancient Silk Road and its relation from historical times up to present with the New Silk Road, the high-priority economic and infrastructure project of today, in which Hungary can play an important role, too.

Issue №4 of HUG discusses the transformation of infrastructure as well as the cities, the hubs of the new global network. It presents how the infrastructure changes the area, whether it is the Trans-Siberian Railway or the high-speed railway In China. Thanks to the technological revolution, this issue studies how the cities become more and more intelligent and how their world economic importance is increasing.

Issue №5 of HUG seeks the answer to the future transformation of the world, through the world order ideas of the thinkers as well as the scenarios and visions concerning the mid-century.

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