Pallas Athene Innovation and Geopolitical Foundation

Established by the Central Bank of Hungary (MNB) in 2014, Pallas Athene Innovation and Geopolitical Foundation aims to support the creation of geopolitics-related knowledge, which may facilitate the economic development of both Hungary and the Central-Eastern-European region. Globalisation, which has accelerated by the 21st century, as well as the world-wide global economic crisis and the reshaping economic world order place a higher value on the special field of geopolitics with respect to economic policies.

As one of its statutory tasks, the Central Bank of Hungary is supporting the economic policy of the Hungarian Government, without jeopardising its primary aim. In economic strategic terms, the Hungarian Government endeavours to take aim at new markets in its foreign economic relations, establish new cooperation areas and relations, paying special emphasis on the Asia, Far-Eastern opportunities according to the policy of Eastern Opening. In nation strategical terms, it is essential that Hungary can build its relations with various economic and political actors of the world, particularly the Eastern countries, on new bases and at the same time it can become a determining agent in Central-European cooperation. To promote this effort efficiently, Pallas Athene Innovation and Geopolitical Foundation creates knowledge, performs analyses, establishes international and scientific partnerships, inspires the activity of geopolitics in Hungary, integrates the progress of international research, and at the same time applies these results in the basic activity of the Central Bank of Hungary.

We believe that we are able to take the role of important, defining actor in the Central-Eastern European region and bring all the necessary knowledge and experience needed to fulfil these goals to Hungary. The development, distribution, support and research of geopolitics has a geostrategic importance. Our main objective is to encourage the creation of knowledge which describes and forecasts the global world and the geopolitical challenges. Pallas Athene Innovation and Geopolitical Foundation is working on knowledge-sharing, organization of conferences and workshops and distribution and stimulation of geopolitical thinking.