Europe and the “Belt and Road” Initiative: Responses and Risks

The “Belt and Road” is a brand new initiative introduced by China in the new era. It mainly aims to promote the connectivity and the economic cooperation between China and the countries involved. Moreover, it actively pushes forward the policy coordination, currency circulation as well as the people-to-people bond. Europe or the EU plays quite a significant role under the “Belt and Road” Initiative. For China, the EU is the biggest trading partner, the leading source of foreign investment, a key supporter of Chinese economy and the very focus of the “Belt and Road” Initiative. The “Belt and Road” Initiative will undoubtedly become the crucial link between the two major civilizations and two huge markets and further contribute to the comprehensive cooperation between China and Europe.

This report is made up of four parts: the first part analyzes the responses to the “Belt and Road” Initiative from Central and Eastern European countries and EU institutions; the second part elaborates a survey of European elites on their opinions towards the “Belt and Road” Initiative; the third part assesses potential risks of building the “Belt and Road” in Europe; the fourth part provides policy suggestions on the “Belt and Road” Initiative in Europe.


LIU Zuokui, Senior Research Fellow of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and the Director of the Department of Central and Eastern European Studies, Institute of European Studies, CASS and the Director of the China-CEEC Think Tanks Exchange and Cooperation Network

Liu Zuokui – Europe and Belt and Road Initiative

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