Rahel Czirjak

Ráhel Czirják received her BSc degree in geography summa cum laude at ELTE Faculty of Science. She got her MSc degree in spatial and settlement development specialisation cum laude at the same faculty in the second semester of 2015. She spent her professional traineeship at Lechner Knowledge Center dealing with EUKN Hungarian Focal Point issues. During the last year of MSc she had traineeship at the same place.

She has been working at PAIGEO’s research institute since 2015. Her main field of research is the African urbanisation, focusing on the crisis phenomena of modern urbanisation, particularly the slums. She found that in slum development the only effective solution is the community planning.

To deepen her knowledge in this area, she started an MSc in community and civil studies at ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences in 2015, and she graduated in 2017 with summa cum laude. During this period, she got acquainted with the significant role of the civil society, besides community development and community planning.

Since the 2017/2018 semester she has been participating in the life of faculty as the instructor of the Settlement development course – initiated by her. Besides she is a guest lecturer at Budapest Corvinus University.

She publishes articles in Hungarian and also international scientific journals – like Külügyi Szemle, Afrika Tanulmányok and Outre-Terre. She is a regular presenter at national and international conferences, with her latest research results.

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E-mail: czirjak.rahel@paigeobudapest.hu
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/r%C3%A1hel-czirj%C3%A1k-18a07b142/
Academia.edu: https://startlap.academia.edu/Czirj%C3%A1kRachel