Peter Klemensits

He completed his university studies at ELTE Faculty of Arts and Humanities and got a degree in Philology of History Major in 2007. Then he continued his studies in the Military Scientific Doctorate School at Miklós Zrínyi National Defence University, where he earned the PhD degree in Military History in 2012.

After getting his university degree, first he held lessons as a visiting lecturer at the Southeast Asia Centre at ELTE Faculty of Arts and Humanities, and then he taught Southeast Asia’s history from the 16th to the 21st century between 2009 and 2012. He organised a lecture series on the history and culture of Southeast Asia and took part in the launching of the Southeast Asia Minor. In 2012 he delivered visiting lectures on Buddhism and war at “The Gate of Teaching” Buddhist College. Between 2012 and 2014 he worked as non-tenured lecturer at the Department of International Studies, PPKE Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Since September 2014 he was Assistant Research Fellow at the East Asia Research Group at PPKE Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Since March 2015 he has worked as Senior Researcher at the Research Institute at Pallas Athene Geopolitical Foundation. Since September 2015 he has been a part time lecturer at East Asia Research Group at PPKE.

His main field of research covers the history of Southeast Asia (from the 16th century up to present), 20th-century military history and security policy and international relations. He has published numerous studies on these topics and is a regular participant of the Hungarian and international conferences.