Anton Bendarzsevszkij

Anton Bendarzsevszkij (Bendarjevskiy) was studying at the University of Pécs, and have MA degrees in History and MA in Media and Communications. In 2009 he was also studying Political Science at University of Leicester. In 2006-2007 Anton was doing an internship as reporter at the regional studio of Hungarian National Television, MTV. In addition to his managerial experience in the business sector (IBM, Priceline Group), between 2009-2016 he was a journalist of biggest Hungarian foreign policy news portal, Kitekintő, which had 40 000 readers daily. Between 2009-2016 Anton was leading the post-soviet department at Kitekintő. As the editor of Kitekintő he has written over five hundred articles and analyses, and in addition had publications in different other online and print media. He is a native speaker of Hungarian, Russian, fluent in English and speaks German on basic level.

Anton is specializing in the internal- and foreign policy of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, in addition to energy security and security politics. He is a regular guest of different international conferences and forums dealing with these topics. Since 2011 he is a regular guest of Hungarian media as an expert of post-soviet countries. Anton has also taken part in other important projects: for European Integration Fund series of articles were prepared about the situation of minorities living in Hungary, and one of his biggest project so far was the Chernobyl project. On the 25. anniversary of the Chernobyl catastrophe he was investigating the current situation in the exclusion zone. Series of articles were prepared about it, and he made a film about the Chernobyl (“Chernobyl’s Heritage: the Zone”). The film was screened on all major Hungarian channels and cinemas across the country.

Anton started working at Pallas Athene Innovation and Geopolitical Foundation (PAIGEO) as the director of research of the foundation’s think tank in 2015. Since June 2016 he became the director of the Pallas Athene Innovation and Geopolitical Foundation (PAIGEO). Pallas Athene Geopolitical Institute – the think tank of the Foundation – was created in the beginning of 2015 with a clear goal to become one of the most influential geopolitical think tanks in the region, focusing mostly on Eastern Asia.

PAIGEO has become one of the most important Hungarian research organizations ever since, supporting geopolitical research on academic and scholar level; supporting geopolitical book publishing; operating it’s own geopolitical PhD program with two major Hungarian universities (University of Corvinus and University of Pécs), with nearly 150 PhD students combined; preparing publications and analyses published on and in several Hungarian media outlets; publishing a geopolitical magazine on quarterly basis called Hungarian Geopolitics (HUG) and organizing conferences and academic events.


– Cikkek –